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The RISE Editor tool allows you build an information model, complete with relations, constraints, defaults, indexes and views. RISE can automatically define the needed programming interfaces for your information model. You may modify or extended these interfaces as you see fit. Not even remodeling is a problem; your changes are cascaded throughout the model automatically assuring complete model consistency. When you're up to it, the model is passed to a RISE code generator transforming it to source code for the target environment of your choice. To develop a complete information solution just re-model and re-generate until you've reached the required result. The generated code comprises:
  1. Scripts to setup a database corresponding to the information model. These scripts are incremental to allow updating databases based on older versions of the model.
  2. Source code for accessing a database based on the information model. The source code is a implementation of the interface (or interfaces) defined in the model.
  3. Source code for exposing the model programming interfaces as web services. This code is optional but when generated your model is transformed in to a ready-to-use SOA component.

RISE Editor
Download the RISE Editor. It's our groundbreaking software suite for model driven information system development. It comes packed with features and functions needed to build, deploy and test your information model and to turn it into a complete system solution.
Code Generators
Download code generators transforming your RISE model into a database model and application source code.
RISE Visual Modeling
Download the RISE Visual Modeling extension to Visual Studio from Microsofts Visual Studio Gallery. It turns RISE modeling and code generation into a fully integrated feature in your Visual Studio projects.
Utility Frameworks
Download our free to use utility frameworks to further enhance your RISE development experience.
Free Sample Code
Download our sample projects and free source code.