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Javascript AJAX development
This is a collection of articles on how to develop against a RISE information solution using Javascript and AJAX. You may do the actual programming using your favorite development environment or, just, a plain text editor.

RISE provides a proxy code generator that may assist when building AJAX web applications using JQuery to call JSON web services. 
What's AJAX?
AJAX means Asynchronous Javascript And XML. An AJAX application is a HTML page with Javascript code that uses the browsers builtin http-object to call server-side resources such as SOAP web services. In essence, AJAX means creating HTML clients, that run in the web browser, that doesn't have to reload the user interface when communicating with a server. The purpose is to accomplish a fast application with a smooth and superior user experience!
This section requires a general understanding of HTML, DHTML and Javascript programming.
A JQuery Application
A small sample application using JQuery to run RISE JSON enabled web services.
Javascript OO tutorial
Quick guide to object orientation and JSON for Javascript newbies.