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Get methods
RISE provides a method sterotype called Get for retrieving attributes from an instance of an entity. It should be noted that an entity may have many different Get methods each returning a subset of the attributes of the entity, see User managed methods for more details on methods with custom arguments or return sets.  
The method is named Get<entity name> by default.
Rules for the Get method sterotype:
  • The method returns the specified set of data
  • The method requires the ID, of the instance to return, as its sole argument
By default - for automatically generated Get methods - the return set contains: 
  • The ID of the instance itself
  • All attributes defined by the entity
  • All foreign keys implemented by the entity 
The IDocument example
We examplify a Get method with the method GetDocument in the interface IDocument in the model below.
This will result in the following GetDocument method viewed using the RISE method editor. Note that we havn't changed the return set and, thus, all data relating to the document will be returned.