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Filtering an entity
In this example we have an entity Document but we're interested in creating a subset consisting of approved documents only. For simplicity, we assume a document is approved by setting a status flag Approved. To facilitate our need we create an ApprovedDocument view in the RISE Editor by dropping a view, from the tool box pane to the left, onto the Document entity. The view is automatically named VDocument. We change its name, using the lower right property pane, to ApprovedDocument and then double-click the view to open it in the view editor.
We use the editor to drag all needed attributes from the entity in the left tree to the view in the right tree. In this case, both the Name and Approved attributes are added to the view. We then drag the view attribute Approved from the view (right tree view) to the where clause field and types in criteria '=1'. The final result will be displayed as:
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