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RISE Resource Center

The RISE Resouce Center contains articles and other resources related to the use of our RISE software suite for information system development. In the Resource Center you will find tutorials to help you to get started and in-depth articles on information modeling, database design and application development as well as sample code and other resources.
Product feature list
Get a quick overview of the wide set of functions and features provided by the RISE Information System Engineering suite.
RISE Visual Modeling
Integrate the RISE Editor and code generators in the Visual Studio 2010 IDE for further ease-of-use.
How to get started
To get productive right-away, read our guides and tutorials on how to use the basic functions of RISE for information modeling and system engineering.
Information Modeling
Modeling your information is the first step when using RISE to build an information management solution. Read all about modeling entities and their relations.
Interface Modeling
The second step of information system engineering is to publish your information model so that it can be used and reused by various applications. This is done by adding programmable interfaces to your model.
Code generators
Read more about the available code generators and how RISE transforms your model into code.
Application Development
Build client applications, web applications or integration solutions based on generated code using the development environment of your choice.
Customize the naming conventions and color schema for your models.
Philosophy of RISE
Get an introduction to the ideas and development philosophies behind the RISE Editor and how it relates to the common trends of software engineering.
User Community
Please, visit and participate in our RISE User Group on Google. It's a free forum to help you to get the most out of your RISE experience.