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Generating code inside the RISE Editor

You may generate your code without leaving the RISE Editor modeling tool. Simply click the "Generate code" option in the "Tools" menu of the Editor. 

This will open the Generate Code dialog. It allows you to run all installed code generators, save the generated code to file and to update your databases (via ODBC).

In the Generate Code dialog you, first, need to select the code generator to use. The RISE Editor automatically suggest the code generator most recently used for this model. If you need a code generator that isn't in the list already, you may point it out explicitly using the Browse button. Once a code generator is select you simply run it using Ctrl+G or the "Tools | Generate code" menu option. The dialog now displays a tab page for each generated source code file.

If a generated file is a database script the RISE Editor provides functionality to connect to a database and run the script. The RISE Editor will automatically suggest the database connection most recently used for this model. When you connect to the database, RISE will check the status of the model in the connected database. In the below example, the model isn't in - is new to - the database.

To actually run the script file, simply push the "Update Database" button. The status is updated once the operation is complete.

You may save the files, i.e. the tabs, individually or all as a group. If you choose to save all files - as is normally the case - the RISE Editor provides a special dialog to assist you in the save operation. This gives you information on what's is already available in the target folder as well as detailed control over what files to actually save. Furthermore, it helps by suggesting not to overwrite existing configuration files.

Now you're ready to start using the result. You may test run a published PHP or C# application directly from RISE provided it's got web services. We also provide some hints and suggestions in the application development section of the RISE Resource Center.