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Code generators

The RISE suit provides a range of code generators for you to use when transforming your RISE model into software. A RISE code generator is a separate software application that operates on a RISE model (XML file) and produces some kind of output. There are two main categories of code generators: database script generators and application source code generators. Download the code generators you need from our download center and, if needed, download the RISE Editor!

Database script generators

The database code generators writes an incremental script for creating, and updating, a relational database model based on your model. A RISE model contains - unless it's been refactored - the entire life-cycle of your data model. The code generator translates this life-cycle into an incremental database specific script. Currently, RISE provides the code generators for SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Application source code generators

The application source code generators creates code, in a particular programming language, for working with a database based on the same RISE model. The generated code includes classes for managing database access and for publishing the access layer as web services. Both SOAP and JSON style web services are supported. Currently, two languages are supported C# (.NET) and PHP. The C# for ODBC code generator outputs code handling all three databases (SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL). For PHP there are two different code generators, PHP for MySQL and PHP for PostgreSQL, creating source code using the respective database native driver.

How to run a code generator

In order to be both flexible while and easy to use, RISE code generators can be launched in several different ways. You may run a code generator:
SQL Server code generator
Generate incremental TransactSQL code for SQL Server.
MySQL code generator
Generate incremental database scripts for MySQL.
PostgreSQL code generator
Generate incremental database scripts for PostgreSQL.
C-sharp (c#) ODBC code generator
Generate c# source code for accessing ODBC databases (SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
PHP for MySQL code generator
Generate PHP source code for accessing MySQL.
PHP for PostgreSQL code generator
Generate PHP source code for accessing PostgreSQL.
AJAX code generator
Generates JavaScript source code, based on jQuery, for accessing JSON enabled web services.
Connection strings
This article helps you to create a valid connection string for your database.
Generating code inside RISE
Learn how to generate code from within the RISE modeling tool.
Command-line usage
Learn how to automate code generation using the command-line.
Standalone usage
Learn how to run RISE code generators standalone.