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Run using the Marshal Editor

The Marshal Editor modeling tool has builtin support for running the model. Use this feature to test your model during development or to perform manual information transfers, e.g. during system migration.


An example Marshal Model
Image 1, The Marshal Model used in this example.

To execute the export, click on the Export button in the tool strip, or select Export in the File Menu.
  1. Browse to the directory where you want to export the data. 
  2. Give the export job a name. A folder with this name will be created and this folder will contain the export. 
  3. If you wish, you can add a filter, that is passed to the root node harvester. The syntax of the filter depends on the harvester used. Please review the Harvester documentation for appropriate filter syntax.
  4. You can enter additional custom headers to your export at execution time. The syntax is Name1=Value1&Name2=Value2&Name3=Value3 etc., i.e. the same syntax as the query string in a web browser.  
When you are satisfied with your settings, click on the Export button.

Marshal Export Window - Progress tab
Image 2, The Marshal Editor export from - Progress tab
During execution, the progress tab displays the commands executed by the involved harvesters. For ODBC database harvesters the executed SQL statement is displayed, for http harvesters, such as the XML Web service harvester and the JSON Web service harvester, the request url is displayed.

The statistics tab gives you detailed information about the executed queries. You can see how many times each query executed, how many rows they resulted in as well as the execution time of the queries. You will immediatelly see which queries are slow allowing you to optimize your queries and indexes.

The Marshal Export form - Statistics tab
Image 3, The Marshal Editor export form - Statistics tab

Example export

Using the model displayed in image 1 we list all releases for all artists matching the supplied export filter, and all tracks for each release and finally retrieve the lyrics for each track. We have supplied the filter query=artist:powter, see image 2, meaning that we want to list all artists having a name containing "powter". This is the result.
An example export file
Image 4, An example export


To execute the import, click on the Import button in the tool strip, or select Import in the File Menu.
  1. Browse to the Marshal export file. If you have choosen to export your information to one export file, this is the file you should select, and if you have exported the information to a structure, you should select the index file.
  2. Click on the Load Export file.
  3. Click on the Import Button. The statements are displayed in the Information text box as they execute, see image 8 below.

Execute the import
Image 5, Execute the import