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On demand execution

You may execute your Marshal models programmatically using the Marshal Integrator web service or the Marshal Archiver via Windows Communication Foundation. This allows for other applications to run data migration jobs on-demand, e.g. for system integration and publishing purposes.

Execute using Marshal Integrator

The Marshal Integrator is a SOAP Web Service for execution of Marshal models from your custom applications. Model the export in Marshal Editor, store the model in a Marshal Repository and execute the jobs in your appication using the Marshal Integrator.

Sample code for execution of the IExport interface
Image 1, Sample code for execution of the IExport interface

Marshal Integrator exposes two interfaces, IIntegrate and IExportThe IIntegrate interface is meant for high performance operations that return a limited amount of data. The method requires that the execution of the Marshal model results in exactly one XML file, and that the size of the XML file is small enough the be returned in one chunk. The IExport interface is used to execute Marshal models and to retrieve the exported files independent of how many they are or how large they are.

Execute using Marshal Archiver

Marshal Archiver is the backend Windows Service for running your information models. It supports scheduled execution as well on-demand execution, via Windows Communication Foundation, of your models. The Archiver executes jobs, where each job may consist of any number of steps and each step executes a model and possibly a pre-processor and a post-processor.

On demand execution
Image 2, A Marshal Archiver step configured for on demand execution

Configure your jobs using the Marshal Archiver Admin, and execute them from your applications using WCF. You may pass any number of parameters to the jobs at execution time, to alter the behaviour and result of the execution. Jobs that are enabled for on demand execution may also be executed scheduled.