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Marshal Repository for Data Migration Models

Just as the name suggests, the Marshal Repository is a repository for Marshal models. If you wish, you can store all your Marshal models in the repository, making operations such as backup simpler.
If you intend to use the Marshal Archiver service or the Marshal Integrator web service, you need to store the Marshal models that these services use in the repository. You also need add licenses for these services to the repository.
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Marshal Repository

Installing Marshal Repository

To install the Marshal Repository, download and launch the installer. The installation wizard will guide you through the installation process.

Administrating Marshal Repository

The Marshal Repository is administered using the Marshal Repsoitory Admin windows application. The application has functionality for upload and download of Marshal models, backup and restore of the repository and for licensing of Marshal Archiver and Marshal Integrator.

Marshal Repository Publisher

When the Marshal Archiver and the Marshal Integrator execute, they retrieve the Marshal models from the repository. You can make your repository available for services on remote machines. This is done by installing the Marshal Repository Publisher web service. You can read more about how this is done in the article Marshal Repository Publisher.
Marshal Repository Admin
Marshal Repository Admin is a windows application for administration of your Marshal Repository.
Repository Publisher
The Marshal Repository Publisher is a web service that publishes the Marshal Repository. This enables Marshal Archiver and Marshal Integrator to access Marshal Repositories on remote servers.