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SOAP Router

The SOAP Router extends Marshal with functionality to harvest information from SOAP and WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) web services.

The SOAP Router application is a Windows service. To start and stop the service open the Server Manager application and click on Configuration then followed by Services. If installed, you'll find the Marshal SOAP Router in the services list. Errors and warnings occuring during execution are reported to the Event Viewer application log on the computer.

Configuring the JSON TCP Harvester

Name TCP JSON Harvester
Connection String Connection settings used by the router when connecting to the data source. The syntax is URL[;type=WCF|SOAP] where the default type is SOAP, e.g. http://myserver/myapp.php, http://myserver/myapp.asmx or http://myserver:8090;type=WCF.

For WCF services, the URL should correspond to the service base address, ie it's the same as what's entered in Visual Studio when adding a service reference. 
For name Not used
Host IP Address of the SOAP Router, e.g. localhost or
Port Port on which the SOAP Router listens for connections from the harvester. 
Group by Not used
Order by Not used
Query Timeout Not used
Table or View Name of the web service method to invoke. That is, this is the name of one of the methods implemented by web services identified by the Connection String property.
Where Used to manually pass parameter values to the method. These parameters are added to the set of parameters assigned by the parent query node, see Query node Relation property. The parameters are passed SQL style as name value pairs separated by AND, e.g. fruit='apple' AND quantity=1 will set the parameter fruit to apple and the parameter quantity to 1. If a parameter isn't specified, either as part of Where or through the parent relation, it's value is set to null.
User authentication
Password If user and password are supplied, they are used as credentials when connecting to the service.
User ID If user and password are supplied, they are used as credentials when connecting to the service.